Back to Basics: TryHackMe Pre-Security Learning Path

( and the Cyber Fundamentals learning path outline page:

As part of my OSCP prep journey, I completed the TryHackMe Pre-Security path. This served as a refresher for me with topics such as DNS and Windows Fundamentals. I even learned some new and interesting details, such as info about load balancers that I don’t have much experience with. For someone looking at getting into cyber security or someone needing a refresher after being AFK for a while, I recommend this learning path.

After completing this path I plan to complete the Offensive Pentesting and Comptia Pentest+ paths (as well as other practice machines) before working my way through the PWK curriculum. After PWK, I will be working my way through as many OSCP like boxes I can find on TryHackMe, HackTheBox and Proving Grounds.

Out of all the notable online CTF/ boot2root platforms, TryHackMe is the most beginner friendly and I believe the most “bang for your buck” with a £10.00 monthly subscription and high quality boxes.

Notable OSCP prep paths / boxes on TryHackMe:

  • Tiberius Linux Privilege Escalation
  • Tiberius Windows Privilege Escalation

Happy hacking!




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